WOD: 10-1-12

Congratulations Justine on your second place performance this weekend!!!

WOD:  October Baseline:  3 rounds for max load of:

1 Front Squat
1 Thruster
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Post WOD:  For time:  75 Thrusters (45/45)


Ahem….Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahem!  Now that my throat is cleared let’s get a few things out of my checklist.

I love you all, but there are just a few things I would like to bring up so as to ensure that you and everyone else is getting the absolute most out of each and every class.

Thing 1)  I sincerely appreciate that you have all taken a deep interest in the pursuit of fitness.  With that comes tighter and tighter muscles.  If we do 10 tons of Front Squats yesterday, but today is “all shoulders”, the duty of the coach is to best prepare you to excel in the workout that is at hand.  Mobilizing your quads on the foam roller may not be optimal over something else when shoulder mobility is a bigger/relevant/pressing (get it) issue.  Please follow along with what the coach is asking you to do as he or she is asking you to do it.  If the absolute need to stretch your quads is that necessary, we ask that you show up just a few minutes early to insure that you get proper mobility.  If you cannot come any earlier, then please take time after class to do what you need.

Thing 2)  Just because you are a navy-seal-olympic-weightlifting-record-holder-gymnast-rower doesn’t mean that everyone in your class is one as well.  Please be mindful of that when coaches are going over the workout and over the warm-ups of the lifts and such.  I understand that your need to throw refrigerators over your head is grand, but spare us the few minutes so that everyone else can do it properly with you.

That is all…for now.

October Baseline, like previously mentioned is for a maximal load!  3 rounds featuring a total of 9 lifts are there to test pretty much everything.  When creating the workout, I though that two rounds was enough, but there was a problem with that.  2 rounds would have been enough if form was perfect (hell, one round would have done it).  Because form will separate the most from the few, the Baseline has a third workout to ensure that those who can muscle through some of the lifts, will not be able to do so for three rounds.  Even the strongest of the bunch will not be able to power through that last Shoulder to Overhead (aka Push/Split Jerk) without good form.  Please do not spend your energy trying.  In case you do get it, well…then you did not go heavy enough.

The 75 Thrusters are there to ensure that you know that I love you.  When you are falling asleep tonight and you get that really happy feeling, that feeling is me programming Thrusters for you.  Lastly, just as a heads up, October is chuck full of my love…

My love will find you,



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